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Citgo-Fueling Good New York City

Video 3 of 3 of the Citgo Fueling Good Road Trip series has been posted on Youtube. Audio 911 headed up the sound department for the week starting in Providence, RI, and wrapping up in New York City. A Sound Devices 664 mixer/recorder was used as well as wireless mics from Lectrosonics, and a Sennheiser SKP300 wireless transmitter on the Sennheiser MKH-60 shotgun mic. The Timecode Buddy system and Betso SBOX-1 units were used for time code distribution. Wireless audio hops and timecode were sent to two Canon C300 cameras. Enjoy the road trip…

Audio 911 to provide Sound Devices 664 Training and Rentals

Sound Devices 664

Audio 911 has just added another Sound Devices 664 mixer/recorder package intended for rentals and for 2nd unit work. The CL6 option will be implemented on the new machine as needed. Steve Wytas be holding 1 on 1 training sessions on the use of the 664 with sound engineers in the region. Training will be on an appointment basis, so please contact Audio 911 if you are interested in training or rentals. Additional gear, such as wireless timecode equipment, wireless mics, wireless camera hops, and wireless IFBs, are also be available for rental with the SD664 package if needed…


Audio 911 helps Cartoon Network with Lego Star Wars…

Location audio for the latest Cartoon Network promos for “The Yoda Chronicles” were just wrapped up by Steve Wytas of Audio 911. The promos tie in with the unveiling of the life sized X-Wing Fighter in New York City. Wireless audio and timecode were sent to a RED camera, and audio was recorded on the Sound Devices 664 recorder/mixer. Spots were produced by Citicam.

Audio 911 is Fueling Good…

Audio 911 is Fueling Good

Adam, Steve Wytas, and Diego on the CITGO Fueling Good Road Trip

Steve Wytas of Audio 911 just came off a 5 day location job with the Adam and Diego from CITGO’s Fueling Good Road Trip. The trip started in Providence, RI and finished up in Brooklyn, NY 5 days later. The two “Fueling Good Ambassadors” were always wired for sound with Lectrosonics wireless units and Sanken COS-11 mics. A third Lectro wireless was used for additional interviews with Adam and Diego, and a Sennheiser MKH-60 was used for some random “man on the street” interviews and ambient sound. (2) Canon C-300 cameras were used and timecode locked with a Timecode Buddy system and Betso SBOX-1 unit. Wireless camera hops were Sennheiser G3 units and a client IFB feed was made possible by a Lectro LMa and a couple of Lectro R1a units. Everything was captured on the Sound Devices 664 mixer/recorder.

Audio 911 Provides Sound to the NCAA Tournament

Geno 2013


The NCAA and Hammond Communications has once again chosen Audio 911 to provide audio services for the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament in Bridgeport, CT. Press conference and post game audio was amplified to the press room, distributed to mult-boxes for the media, to the Game Creek/ESPN truck, as well as to the live stream on Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard is the regional host site for the 2013 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship.


Quarterly Webcasts from Bermuda

Bermuda Webcast

Audio 911’s Steve Wytas seen using the “White Phone” on the Clearcom System while faxing out audio on a quarterly webcast originating from Bermuda. Audio 911 has been given the assignment of providing audio services for a series of quarterly webcasts for a multinational insurance company. Audio for the webcast was provided to multiple web-encoders, locally to the room, as well as to a backup phone bridge.

Audio 911 Provides Location Sound for Yale/New Haven Commercial at Union Station

Closer to Free Union Station New Haven, CT

On November 20, 2012, a group of cancer survivors, doctors and caregivers from Smilow Cancer Hospital, along with the Fairfield Children’s Choir and a troupe of stage performers, came together at Union Station in New Haven to perform a live “Flash Mob” event. Audio 911’s Steve Wytas was the lead sound engineer for the live performances at Union Station. The track was pre-recorded at Power Station New England, and played back live in the train station from a Protools system into a large PA system for the performers to hear. Eight of the performers sang the track live and were outfitted with wireless mics, wireless in-ear monitors, and were recorded onto the Protools system for additional post mixing. Extra stereo microphones and wireless “plant” mics were placed around the train station to capture the ambience of the room. Visit for additional videos and information about Smilow Cancer Center.


The video link to Youtube…




Sennheiser Wireless MKH-60

Sennheiser wireless boom


I’m not sure if you can spot the Sennheiser MKH-60 microphone in this picture, but if you do you’ll see that it is attached to a Sennheiser SKP300 G3 transmitter that supplies 48V phantom power to the mic and sends the signal wirelessly to the audio mixer. A big thanks to Mike Cleary from Sennheiser USA for his help in getting this system ready for a recent commercial shoot in the rice isle at a grocery store in Newark, NJ!!!