Audio 911 Provides Location Sound for Yale/New Haven Commercial at Union Station

Closer to Free Union Station New Haven, CT

On November 20, 2012, a group of cancer survivors, doctors and caregivers from Smilow Cancer Hospital, along with the Fairfield Children’s Choir and a troupe of stage performers, came together at Union Station in New Haven to perform a live “Flash Mob” event. Audio 911’s Steve Wytas was the lead sound engineer for the live performances at Union Station. The track was pre-recorded at Power Station New England, and played back live in the train station from a Protools system into a large PA system for the performers to hear. Eight of the performers sang the track live and were outfitted with wireless mics, wireless in-ear monitors, and were recorded onto the Protools system for additional post mixing. Extra stereo microphones and wireless “plant” mics were placed around the train station to capture the ambience of the room. Visit for additional videos and information about Smilow Cancer Center.


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